We need an accessible,
suitable storage and
facility to showcase the
current collections as
well as to provide
opportunities to
upgrade and expand it.

1940 Buick LaSalle

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1941, 1955, 1963 and 1975.
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Cadillac has set the standard for automotive excellence since 1902 when Henry Leland persuaded the owners of a failing Detroit car company to reorganize and build cars using his precision-designed and manufactured engine.

Henry LelandCadillac was born and named after the French adventurer who founded Detroit. Today, more than 100 years later, Cadillac remains the pacesetter for automotive design performance and luxury. From the first high-volume production V-8 engine, the first Synchro-Mesh transmission and the first V-16 engine, to the de Ville, the Eldorado, the Escalade and CTS-V, Cadillac carries on the tradition of quality established by Henry Leland.

The Cadillac & LaSalle Club was established in 1958 to encourage the preservation of early Cadillacs and LaSalles. Today, the club promotes the development, collection, publication and exchange of helpful information pertaining to Cadillac and LaSalle. More than 7,000 members around the world own, preserve, exhibit, drive and enjoy more than 18,000 collectible automobiles built by Cadillac.


Determined to preserve the Cadillac legacy, several members of the Cadillac & LaSalle Club founded the Cadillac-LaSalle Club Museum and Research Center (CLCMRC) in 1995. Beyond maintaining and exhibiting collectible Cadillacs and LaSalles, the focus of the museum and research center is to protect, promote and share the exciting history of these premier automobiles as well as their impact in the United States and worldwide over the past 100-plus years. In addition to vehicles, the museum and research center collects and maintains technical information, historical documents, promotional and other materials related to the brands. This amalgam of cars and information provides a unique look at a seminal chapter in American manufacturing history as well as an invaluable resource to Cadillac & LaSalle Club members, researchers, historians, other car enthusiasts and the public in general.


The CLCMRC collection of printed materials and related artifacts currently is housed in commercial facilities in Dexter, Michigan. When not on display at other museums through cooperative loan arrangements, the vehicles and displays have been stored and not readily available for public appreciation. Access has been by appointment only.

We need an accessible, suitable storage and exhibition facility to showcase the current collections as well as to provide opportunities to upgrade and expand it. The ability of the Museum to generate greater public interest and to provide easy access to valuable resources will be enhanced by an appropriate facility and focal point. The incomparable Cadillac legacy requires a facility that reflects its tradition of quality, elegance and innovation!

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