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The Matt Larson Memorial Service Award

The Matt Larson Memorial Service AwardThe Matt Larson Memorial Service Award recognizes those individuals who have demonstrated substantial devotion and support to the Cadillac LaSalle Museum & Research Center without being in a leadership role as an Officer or Director of the organization.

Matthew D. “Matt” Larson exemplified the epitome of service to the Cadillac LaSalle Club Museum & Research Center even though he held no leadership position.  Testifying to his service was the time and energy he spent to research over 140,000 records of LaSalle automobiles and collaborating with Ron VanGelderen in the creation of the book LaSalle – Cadillac’s Companion Car. This award-winning, coffee-table book of more than 400 pages is a comprehensive history of all LaSalles from 1927 to 1940 and the go-to source on authenticity details on these cars.

Matt and Ron envisioned the book to be a revenue source for the Museum and donated the research and editing to create it. Published in 1999, the book sold well generating substantial revenue and continues to sell today, many years later.

Each person selected for the award receives a plaque with the Museum grille badge and a plate listing the recipient’s name and date of the award. A permanent award has a base mounting name plates of the award winners supporting a LaSalle hood emblem and is on display in the Cadillac LaSalle Museum.

Those nominated for the award are approved by the organization’s Board of Directors. Multiple recipients in any year are permitted, but it is not necessary to make the award annually. Nominations should be sent to the President.


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