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Donating Cars, Literature, and Memorabilia

To build the preeminent collection of Cadillac and LaSalle cars, literature, and memorabilia donations are essential. Generally, all donations are accepted. Acceptance and management of such items are governed by the organization’s Collection Policy.

The Cadillac & LaSalle Museum & Research Center (CLCMRC) desires vehicles that are well restored, suitable for display as received, or low-mileage or otherwise well-preserved original vehicles for addition to its collection. Generally, convertibles, top-of-the line models, and coupes are preferred. Some sedans are also important to typify the range of body styles produced.

Those interested in donating cars at any time or as part of a will are encouraged to read Procedure for Donating a Vehicle for complete details. If you will value your donated car at $5,000 or more, you will also have to follow the requirements of IRS Form 8283, Section B. You may also contact E. Timothy Pawl, Vice-President & Curator or Bill Anderson, President, to discuss your plans.

Donations of literature, memorabilia (posters, jewelry, signs, etc.), scale models, and car parts related to Cadillac and LaSalle are also encouraged that are consistent with the CLCMRC Collection Policy. For donations of small collections they can be packaged and shipped to Paul E. Ayres, Secretary. For large collections and large items please contact E. Timothy Pawl, Vice-President & Curator to discuss your plans.

All donations of cars, literature, and memorabila will be acknowledged by a receipt consistent with IRS form T-24 that includes a list of the items donated, the donor’s name and address, and the date received.


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