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Legacy Gifts

The most popular legacy gift to support the Museum’s mission is a bequest in your will or trust. A gift can be a specific dollar amount of a percentage of your estate. You can also name the CLCMRC as the beneficiary of life insurance.

Charitable Gift Annuities are gifts that give back. They are simple contracts between the donor and the CLCMRC. You transfer cash or securities in exchange for fixed income payments. Such gifts may also qualify for a tax savings.

Donations of Real Estate – residential, commercial, or undeveloped property – support the Museum’s mission while saving on taxes and reducing property ownership responsibilities. You can donate property outright or give the title to your property now and retain the right to use it during your lifetime.

A gift of Securities or mutual funds can be a simple, tax-wise way to support your passion for Cadillacs and LaSalles.

Did you know that you can make the CLCMRC a beneficiary of your Retirement Plan? Gifting all or part of your retirement plan lowers future taxes and can limit income and estate taxes.

You are encouraged to discuss these alternatives with your financial advisors about your specific conditions and interest in supporting the CLCMRC.

We are eager to speak with you about how your giving can advance the mission of the CLCMRC and help preserve the heritage of Cadillac.
Please contact E. Timothy Paul, Vice President & Curator.


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