1953 Cadillac Funeral Flower Car


  • In the 1950’s, a “flower car” would lead the hearse in a funeral procession
  • Built on General Motors special Series 86 commercial chassis only available to coachbuilders
  • This vehicle features a stainless steel deck with a hydraulic system to ease in loading flowers
  • Having lost popularity in the 1960’s, flower cars are beginning to return
  • This particular flower car was sold to Stanley Winowicz Funeral Home of Trenton, NJ
  • Originally sold for more than $8,500 which was more than double the price of a Cadillac Sedan
  • It spent time at a funeral home in Millersburg, PA before entering a collection in Washington, IN
  • The current owner purchased it from a collector in Chicago
1953 Cadillac Funeral Flower Car

V8, 331 cu. in.


5,680 lbs


210 hp



Factory Price



Tom Hoczyk, Fort Wayne, IN


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