1955 Cadillac Coupe DeVille


This 1955 Coupe DeVille is a beautiful example of a mid-fifties Cadillac, with styling generally like both the 1954 and 1956 models with lower, sleeker bodies, egg-crate grille inserts, dagmar style bumper guards. A wrap-around windshield, introduced on the 1953 Eldorado convertible, was now used on all models. In 1955, the grille has wider spaces between the blades, and the parking lights are directly below the headlights. On the sides of the body the rub-rail moldings form a right angle with the vertical trim on the fenders. Note the graceful, Florentine curve rear roofline, which was also used on sedans in 1955. Tubeless tires were a new feature throughout the line.

This car is a low-mileage, original in exceptional condition. The colors are Celadon Green and Mint Green. Cadillac emphasized personal comfort in 1955 and this car has air conditioning, a $620 option. Cadillac sold a record 140,777 cars in the memorable 1955 model year. The U.S. auto industry built an all-time record 9.2 million vehicles in 1955, including 7.9 million cars.


V-8 331 cu. In.


4,631 lbs




250 hp



Factory Price



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