1987 Maloney Limousine, Cadillac Brougham


This car  began as a factory production Cadillac Brougham.  The car was cut in two and “stretched” by 55 inches into a custom, luxurious vehicle, by a company originally founded by Earle F. Moloney, a self-made businessman who in 1967 grandfathered the stretch limousine industry with over 14,000 limousines built.  Maloney was also responsible for armored security vehicles which served 7 U.S. Presidents.

Moloney was by far the largest of 12 limousine manufacturers.  Rear facing seats and wide pillars were but a few of his innovations.  By the mid eighties, Maloney Coach builders employed 150 people  in its 100,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Schaumburg, Illinois.

This vehicle includes every available multi-media option, such as a TV, VHS tape, intercom and, phone, and also has a bar with crystal decanter and glasses.

1987 Maloney Limousine, Cadillac Brougham

V8, 307 cu. in.


The Grand Flagship


276" Overall Length



Factory Price



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